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Microsoft’s decision to stop supporting widely used Windows might result in 240 million PCs becoming electronic trash

<p>According to research by Canalys, Microsoft’s statement that it would stop supporting Windows 10 by October 14, 2025, may make some 240 million personal computers outdated and result in a large amount of electronic trash. This improvement comes at the same time as Windows 11, which is expected to kickstart a fresh cycle of PC upgrades and revitalize the market. Nevertheless, it could be impossible to repurpose many devices due to the absence of compatibility with Windows 10.</p>
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<p>Because of Windows 11 incompatibility, Canalys estimates that 20% or so of PCs will become e-waste in the next two years. These 240 million computers, which would have made up a 600-kilometer tall stack of folded laptops taller than the moon, might have been recycled or, if they had been compatible with the most recent version of Windows, reconditioned. Their diminished usefulness, in addition to the fact that Microsoft no longer provides free security upgrades, lowers their market value and may even put off cost-conscious businesses.</p>
<p>Microsoft said in December that it would continue to provide Extended Security Updates for Windows 10 until October 2028 but at an undisclosed yearly cost. Their prior deals for Windows 7 and 8.1, which lasted until January 2023, are mirrored in this tactic. The first year’s extended support price for a Windows 7 PC was $25, and the third year’s price increased to $100.</p>
<p>Although the extended support option would prolong the life of Windows 10 computers, many users might be discouraged by the related fees. It may be more economical to migrate to newer, Windows 11-compatible PCs and abandon older devices if Microsoft adopts a similar price strategy for Windows 10.</p>

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