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Devin: Software Engineer Driven by AI | All-knowing

<p>Devin is a sophisticated artificial intelligence model that can work as a software developer. It was revealed by the artificial intelligence business Cognition Labs.<br />
What does Devin have the capacity for?<br />
Devin has shown his talents by completing actual tasks on Upwork and passing genuine engineering interviews with leading AI startups.</p>
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<p>Devin’s tools and interface<br />
With a code editor, shell, and sandboxed surfing environment at his disposal, Devin was capable of handling challenging technical jobs on his own.</p>
<p>Devin’s ability to multitask<br />
Devin could handle a wide range of duties with ease, including developing and deploying websites and applications as well as finishing end-to-end coding projects. It also adds to established production repositories and fixes issues and functionality that users have requested in open-source sources.</p>
<p>Devin’s Performance Measures<br />
Devin surpassed other popular AI models like GPT-4 and Claude 2, scoring an amazing 13.86% on the SWE-bench coding test. Devin will also handle the problems on his own, unlike other models that need supervision.</p>
<p>Verification and upcoming releases<br />
As the platform is not accessible to the general public, Cognition asserts that they are awaiting verification. The business has said that it will provide a thorough technical study shortly that will explain Devin’s design and capabilities.</p>
<p>Devin is reportedly capable of creating a new standard and transforming the field of AI-powered code production. There are concerns about this AI tool’s ability to replace human software engineers since, in contrast to assistive models, it will provide autonomous assistance and manage end-to-end projects.</p>

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