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An Emotional Anil Kapoor Discusses Satish Kaushik’s Final Film, Kaagaz 2 in “Extra Special”

<p>On March 9, 2023, Satish Kaushik departed for his heavenly home, leaving a lasting loss in the Hindi cinema industry. The actor captivated the hearts of the audience with his outstanding performances throughout the course of his decades-long career. For his work in the 2021 comedy-drama Kaagaz, which Satish Kaushik also directed, he received the Best Supporting Actor award. Fans are already experiencing intense emotions once again when Kaagaz 2, the film’s sequel, opens in theaters on March 1. On February 9, the trailer for the next movie was unveiled. Anil Kapoor, who was close friends with Satish Kaushik, released the teaser on social media and wrote a touching message in honor of his deceased buddy.</p>
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<p>“This movie is very unique…My closest friend’s last movie…I’m fortunate to see him perform once again. Anil Kapoor said on Instagram, “Yeh har aadmi ke emotions hai, yeh sirf mudda nahi.” The main theme of Kaagaz 2’s trailer is how political campaigns and demonstrations often cause traffic bottlenecks and blocked highways, which bother commuters. When Satish Kaushik’s daughter loses her balance and tumbles over a table, he finds himself in a similar but more dire situation. Despite his best efforts to get her to the hospital, a political event creates a snag that results in his daughter’s death. A judicial trial and a battle for justice ensue.</p>
<p>Anupam Kher, who is playing a lawyer in Kaagaz 2, also reshared the movie’s teaser and poster on social media. Anupam Kher, a close friend of the late actor, commented, “Dearest SATISH KAUSHIK! ” in recognition of Satish Kaushik’s dedication to the “passion project.” Tomorrow is the release day of the trailer for your passion project, Kaagaz 2, which is also your final endeavor. I am aware of how difficult it was to make this movie. However, we’ll all work to ensure that this movie’s genius gets seen by everyone! I will always love you! Let’s abide with the laws as law-abiding people and follow the official Kaagaz. A film that opens in theaters on March 1st, based on actual events and dedicated to the loving memory of Satish Kaushik ji!</p>
<p>Kaagaz 2, which is directed by VK Prakash, also features Neena Gupta and Darshan Kumaar in significant roles. Satish Kaushik passed away while traveling to the Gurugram hospital after a heart attack. His last on-screen role was in the upcoming movie Emergency, starring Kangana Ranaut.</p>

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