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On her first trip to India, G-Eazy said, “I adore the fiery green chutney, biryani, dals, and chicken curry here.”

<p>G-Eazy, an American rapper, was enthralled by India on his first visit here lately. He tells us, “I was so excited not only to perform but to get to explore the country for the very first time,” after playing in Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Mumbai. I’ve always wanted to visit this location, so I’m happy that I can now go. The fact that I got to play there and follow my passion is simply icing on the cake. I now see why you have the largest fan following here, as others used to tell me. The fans, the food, the music, and the culture have all captivated me.</p>
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<p>The No Limit hitmaker continues, “Since it was my first visit, I wanted to really indulge in the delicious food. My favorites are the spicy green chutney, the biryani, the chicken curry, and the dals. It’s been fantastic to engage with some amazing individuals and discover local markets and the streets.</p>
<p>Even though he’s written and performed live a lot at this point, he believes that certain of his raps are harder to write than others. After pausing, G-Eazy responds, “Some of the most vulnerable songs I’ve written are Himself and Running Through the Night. Not the most challenging, I’d say. Some of these songs were an emotional rollercoaster to write and record, but they seemed worth sharing. It was about striking a balance between being vulnerable and adhering to my creative vision. Although it was difficult to go back to those uncomfortable areas and to open up in that way, it felt healing.</p>

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