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Dakota Johnson loves being Chris Martin’s stepparent to his teenagers

<p>Actress Dakota Johnson, who was formerly married to Gwyneth Paltrow, is smiling with pride as she talks about her experience being a stepmother to her husband Chris Martin’s children, Apple and Moses. The 34-year-old actress revealed her intense passion for the two children in a touching interview with Bustle, stressing that her love for them is unconditional.</p>
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<p>“I genuinely love those kids as if my life depends on it,” Johnson said. “From the bottom of my heart.”</p>
<p>This information is made against the background of Johnson and Paltrow’s cordial relationship, which has shown to the public that merging families can be a peaceful process. Paltrow posted a sweet photo of herself and Johnson on Instagram in November, showcasing their close friendship.</p>
<p>A fan requested a picture with Dakota, and Paltrow kindly obliged during a Q&A session with her fans. The final photo showed the couple standing hand in hand outside, looking happy and casually dressed. Paltrow stood next to Johnson, who was wearing a stylish black jacket and a baseball cap. Paltrow was wearing a hooded coat and a comfortable beanie hat.</p>
<p>Their friendship exuded warmth and care for one another. Paltrow’s outward declaration of friendship with Johnson is consistent with her earlier remarks from October, when she underlined their strong relationship in another Instagram Q&A.</p>
<p>Paltrow gushed, “We’re actually very good friends,” about Johnson at the time. “I adore her a lot.”</p>
<p>Paltrow’s affection for Johnson is evident when she calls her a “wonderful, adorable person,” further solidifying their connection outside of the glitter and sparkle of Hollywood.</p>
<p>Dakota Johnson’s relationship with Paltrow is a source of inspiration, demonstrating to us that family love has no bounds as she skillfully manages the challenges of stepparenting.</p>
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