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I was detained for six hours on New Year’s Eve when I traveled to Dubai to marry my boyfriend: Hayat, Sofia

<p>The British actress Sofia Hayat gained widespread recognition for her performance in Bigg Boss season 7, when she won over many hearts. She has since been in movies such as Diary of a Butterfly and Aksar 2, but she hasn’t been able to establish herself as a reliable performer in the business.</p>
<p><img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-499496″ src=”” alt=” i was detained for six hours on new years eve when i traveled to dubai to marry my” width=”975″ height=”731″ title=”I was detained for six hours on New Year's Eve when I traveled to Dubai to marry my boyfriend: Hayat, Sofia 9″></p>
<p>Dishonoured: How I Escaped An Arranged Marriage And Survived An Honor Killing To Become A Star, her autobiography, caused a stir when it discussed her escape from the bonds of a poisonous arranged marriage, including honor killing. When the book was first released, it became an immediate best-seller, but Sofia Hayat now has to cope with a new challenge.</p>
<p>Sofia Hayat recently spoke about her terrifying experience of traveling to Dubai to marry her now-former lover, Mubarak Eissa Mubarak Mohammed El Meraikhi. However, Sofia had to face many ordeals after being halted at the airport.</p>
<p>“On December 31, 2023, while traveling to Al Ulla, I found myself arrested at Dubai Airport around three in the morning,” Sofia said. I was taken to the airport prison without warning; it was a completely unexpected event. I tried to get in touch with the British Embassy, but I was turned down. The policeman told me to be quiet when I asked him why I was being held in custody. There was a tiny, barred window in the prison that overlooked an empty office. I shouted out through the window as my condition worsened, but nobody answered. An hour later, staff came, called paramedics to stabilize me, and gave me medicine, which I turned down since I wasn’t sure what kind it was.</p>
<p>Sofia Hayat also said that she was held for six hours in custody prior to being driven in a police vehicle by a female officer to the Bur Dubai police station. The cop was watching TikTok videos on her phone and was experiencing terror and claustrophobia. She was in for a harsh surprise when she got to the police station. The police accused her of using threats to release a sex video as leverage to get money from her ex-boyfriend. Because he owed her money, her lover had voiced this grievance. Sofia said that the police only released her after looking through her text messages on her phone and determining that the guy really owed her money.</p>
<p>“I was previously unaware that my ex-partner was already married and had a prior criminal record until I met with the prosecutors at our court appearance. My London-based firm was forced to close as a consequence of this discovery, with a total loss of almost £40,000 (Rs 4243167). Sofia said, “I feel driven to tell my story in order to highlight the complexity of Dubai’s judicial system, which seems to favor residents even when they are at fault.</p>

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