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Arbaaz Khan REACTS To Salman Khan’s Alleged Arhaan Launch: “What Is He Focusing On?” | Exclusive

<p>The third generation of Khans has already begun their careers in the motion picture business. Alizeh Agnihotri, Salman Khan’s niece, made her acting debut with Farrey last year, to rave acclaim. Nirvan, the son of Sohail Khan, chose to start his career as an assistant director in order to get experience in the entertainment industry. He then helped Maneesh Sharma in Tiger 3. It seems that a new young Khan is preparing to carry on his family’s heritage.</p>
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<p>Arhaan, the son of Arbaaz and Malaika Arora, just completed his studies at a Long Island, New York, film school and is getting ready for his big screen debut. Indeed, there was a recent rumor circulating that Salman intended to use his nephews Arhaan and Nirvan in a movie about their bromance. Arbaaz disputes this in a special conversation with News18 Showsha, however. “I’m not sure. I still think they’re rumors. I haven’t heard this news yet,” he says to us.</p>
<p>He quickly clarifies, however, that Arhaan is preparing for acting because he is passionate about it. His preparations make it very clear that that’s where he wants to be. In addition to attending film school, Arbaaz has undertaken other endeavors. He is now anticipating the debut of his next production, Patna Shuklla, on Disney+ Hotstar on March 29.</p>
<p>The Fashion and Dabangg star goes on, “Arhaan is focusing on his job right now. He’s just a small child. This year, he will turn 22. He’s getting ready for what lies ahead. He’s a very honest, committed, and hardworking young man. I’m certain that he will succeed as a result of his efforts if everything goes according to plan, he has the appropriate concentration, and luck is on his side.</p>
<p>Arbaaz continues by saying that while he has over three decades of expertise in show business, he still allows his son the freedom to make the majority of the choices in their chats. They now also discuss movies. He talks to me about topics, and I offer him advice. However, I want to avoid becoming too involved. I don’t want to mentor him in a manner that prevents him from making errors and learning from his own experiences. I don’t want to confine him to a bubble or a safe atmosphere. In order for him to realize that the world is a harsh place, he says, “I want him to fly, fall, make mistakes, and learn.”</p>
<p>Although he assures Arhaan that he will always be there for him, he emphasizes that he must learn the ins and outs of the business the hard way. “One must go through the highs and lows of a profession in order to have one last twenty or thirty years. It won’t be all sunshine and flowers or easy sailing. I assure him that while he will have his fair share of ups and downs, he must persevere through the storms that life throws at him. Arbaaz says, “I want to get him ready for all of that.”</p>

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