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Review of Lootere: This Rajat Kapoor Film Reminds Me of Tom Hanks’ Captain Phillips

<p>Lootere Review: Like the dacoits who previously controlled Chambal’s ravines, pirates were associated with both dread and a hint of romance. The first glimpse I had of their world was via Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Long John Silver, his one-legged pirate, makes pals with a traveler in search of gold.</p>
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<p>The figure stuck close to my heart. However, a far more exciting story about these infamous individuals was told in a movie. One such film was Captain Phillips, in which Tom Hanks convincingly portrayed the main character. Jai Mehta’s contribution to Disney+Hotstar, Lootere, has a striking resemblance to the Tom Hanks film in which Rajat Kapoor plays Captain A.K. Singh, a pilot of a cargo ship named U.K. Kyival.</p>
<p>It is not icebergs that confront the ship as it reaches the seas off the coast of Somalia, but rather infamous pirates with advanced machine guns and a merciless demeanor.</p>
<p>Smart and courageous in a subtle way, Kapoor stands up to the dangers posed by the infamous marine pirates. He quickly learns that surviving requires sleuthing his way through a web of perilous deceptions as he is thrust into a world of treachery, double-crossing, and lethal materials his ship is smuggling.</p>
<p>We see the anguish and confusion he experiences upon learning that the ship is being held captive by Vikrant Gandhi’s (Vivek Gomber) firm. While the show keeps us interested in the story, there are moments when it seems to be going in circles. He is, in my opinion, a little crazy at times.</p>
<p>The personal narrative of Vikrant and his wife Avika (Amruta Khanvilker) is a little more irritating. This feels like an unneeded encroachment that detracts from the excitement and erases a little bit of the heart-pounding suspense that permeates most of the series, which will air in installments every Friday. This is not my thing. Because there are so many movies and TV shows available on streaming services, viewers can leave after making a bad choice.</p>
<p>The remaining episodes will be uploaded every Wednesday at midnight. Two new episodes have been posted today.</p>

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