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Ravindra Jadeja ‘won’t dive until…’ and wants to ‘guard body’ at all costs. ‘I may get hurt again tomorrow.’

<p>On Wednesday, Ravindra Jadeja said that he will be available for the third Test between India and England, which is scheduled to begin in Rajkot tomorrow. Due to a hamstring injury he sustained in Hyderabad, Jadeja will not play in the second Test; nevertheless, he is completely healed and prepared to start as India looks to take a 2-1 lead. With KL Rahul and Virat Kohli already out of the picture, the all-rounder’s participation is a great relief for India, who will benefit from a much-needed batting boost from Jadeja.</p>
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<p>Jadeja has admitted that his function in the field may be somewhat restricted. It is very miraculous that Jadeja has returned to full health since hamstring injuries may take a long time to recover. Jadeja, one of the world’s top fielders, has stressed at 35 that he must preserve his body while still attempting to give it his all in order to continue.</p>
<p>“There has been no alteration. We play with the same pride and experience the same joy. The goal is to give it all I have while safeguarding my body. On the eve of the third Test on his home field, Jadeja advised against diving unless it is absolutely required.</p>
<p>Knowing the dangers, Ravindra Jadeja<br />
During his absence after the second Test, Jadeja had rigorous rehabilitation at the NCA, and the three-week break seemed to have had a positive effect. Jadeja has been hurt a lot over the last two years; in fact, this is the seventh time in that period that he has missed play because of an injury. Jadeja has had injuries to his hand, forearm, ribs, knee, and most recently, his hammy, since 2021. Jadeja’s recuperation was almost entirely neglected; in fact, Rahul’s inability to play Rajkot brought the whole world’s attention on him. Only because it was thought Jadeja wouldn’t make a full recovery in time. Alright, so he’s and all of a sudden, the Indian lineup no longer seems to be so young.</p>
<p>It’s understandable for someone to be upset when faced with obstacles like these, and Jadeja is no different. However, the all-round player is aware of the hazards associated with the demanding standards he has set for himself. Jadeja is often found in lightning-fast locations like points or covers. He is defending the boundary in the deep at long-on and long-off, which is another location where hitters often smash the ball. Because there is so much running, bending, and diving involved, Jadeja has to take much better care of his body today than he did in the past.</p>
<p>“Repeated injuries cause it (the sensation of irritation creeping in). But there’s a lot of cricket going on these days. That stimulates the intellect as well. I can’t hide and field in terms of my fielding abilities. No matter the format, I’m always in the hotspot. Thus, it may also be the cause of the ball coming to me too often. The group anticipates that I will make a strong catch and force a run out. If I can work on my physique a bit more strategically, I don’t believe there will be any issues. However, nothing is guaranteed. Tomorrow, I may go out and be hurt again. You never know,” Jadeja said.</p>

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