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Following Her Breakout Into the Top-100, Sumit Nagal Sees An Olympic Medal Next

<p>Sumit Nagal’s ambition of ranking among the world’s top 100 players has come true, but he is far from happy about it. The Indian tennis star says he now needs to work on maintaining or raising his ranking in order to get direct entrance into Grand Slam tournaments and the Paris Olympics.</p>
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<p>Nagal became the first Indian player to reach a career-high world No. 98 since Prajnesh Gunneswaran did it in 2019 after winning the most recent Chennai Open.</p>
<p>Being ranked in the top 100 is a goal shared by all tennis players. Since I was very little, I had dreamed of being in the top 100, and when that goal came true, it felt amazing. After working for years, it was undoubtedly an emotional day, Nagal said in an interview with PTI after his victory in the Bengaluru Open first round on Tuesday.</p>
<p>The 26-year-old, who is ranked second in this competition, defeated Frenchman Geff Blancaneaux 6-2, 6-2 to advance to the second round.</p>
<p>But he has higher goals in mind and isn’t content to sit back and take it all in.</p>
<p>“Yes, reaching the top 100 was a significant milestone. However, I am now participating in a new tennis competition; you have to take it week by week. Emotions have so subsided. I have my attention on this competition while I’m in Bangalore.</p>
<p>“But going to the Olympics to represent my nation is the true objective,” One of my objectives is to compete in the Olympics and bring home a medal for my nation; it really inspires me,” he said.</p>
<p>As of June 10 of this year, the top 56 players in the men’s and women’s ATP and WTA rankings will get direct qualifying for the July–August Paris Games, as long as the number of athletes per nation does not surpass four.</p>
<p>For nations with less than four automatic qualifiers, entries from outside the top-56 would be accepted.</p>
<p>Eight spots in the 64-person draw would be set aside for the following: host country (1), Universality (1), past Olympic gold medallists or Grand Slam winners (2), and continental champions (4).</p>
<p>If Nagal can add a few more strong performances to his resume, he should have an excellent chance of succeeding.</p>
<p>The young man from Haryana will also gain from remaining in the top 100 as he won’t have to rely on qualifying or wildcards to get into the Grand Slam main draw.</p>
<p>He qualified for the Australian Open main event last month and won the opening round match, defeating Alexander Bublik, the 31st-ranked player in the world, 6-4, 6-2, 7-6 (5).</p>
<p>Yes, being in the top 100 is definitely a plus. Because of this, he continued, every player aspires to be in the top 100 because they want to compete in the Grand Slams.</p>
<p>Since the French Open season is quickly coming, he said, “it will be very good for me if I can do that and keep my ranking up and inside the top 100.”</p>
<p>A short while ago, Nagal was having trouble finding sponsors and had only USD 900 in his bank account.</p>
<p>However, he will get additional money from the ATP players’ fund for finishing in the top 100, which will greatly assist him in covering his Tour expenditures.</p>
<p>Being financially ranked in the top 100 is quite beneficial. One of the motivations for players to aim for a top 100 ranking is the increased monetary allotment based on their ranking points, which benefits them all year long, the player said.</p>
<p>Here, I am not any different. Nagal said, “I would want to keep working hard and maintain my position in the top 100 so that I may play in the Slams and enjoy the perks that come with it.</p>
<p>Even though Nagal has won three Challenger championships and the Australian Open in the last nine months, he still believes he will never forget the tremendous battle he went through in the previous two years.</p>
<p>After undergoing hip surgery, he was forced to give up tennis for six months, and by the end of 2022, his rankings had fallen to 638.</p>
<p>Nagal said that his strong dedication was a result of such difficult circumstances.</p>
<p>Having a strong team and supportive friends and family is crucial, as I have always said. The summers of 2021 and 2022 were the worst of my life. He said, “I’m so happy that I had those folks surrounding me so I could escape that dark area or pit.</p>
<p>They assisted me in maintaining a straightforward perspective that kept me in the now and away from excessive stress about the future. “It was their advice to simply go to a court and begin hitting the balls, and that’s exactly what I did,” he said.</p>
<p>Nagal’s confidence was on display during yesterday night’s KSLTA courts first round matchup with Blancaneaux.</p>
<p>To be honest, I have nothing to be unhappy about, and I feel inspired and well-motivated. For the next week and months, I really can’t wait to play like this,” he said.</p>

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