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Mohammed Saeed of Pakistan is defeated by Sangram Singh in the Dubai International Pro Wrestling Championship

<p>At the International Pro Wrestling Championship at Shabab Alahli Club, Sangram Singh of India triumphed over Mohammad Saeed of Pakistan in a hard-fought match, ending with a final score of 30-23. This was Singh’s comeback to winning after six years.</p>
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<p>After battling for a total of six rounds, Sangram Singh asserts his dominance on the mat once more to earn bragging rights, the much sought-after gold medal, and the 3 crore prize money for the tournament.</p>
<p>“This victory is dedicated to all the young people who have big dreams and to my countrymen who have always supported me and my endeavors.” I am glad that I could demonstrate to everyone that it is possible to pursue their aspirations, and my only goal in returning to the mat is to achieve just that.</p>
<p>“Since my opponent is around 17 years my younger and weighs about 9–10 kg more than me, training for this fight was difficult. However, it was a very fantastic battle, and I congratulate him on a terrific match as well. We can all be champions if we have faith in ourselves,” Sangram remarked.</p>
<p>With an impressive bench strength that included top national and international wrestlers with medals from the world and Olympic circuits, International Pro Wrestling Champion 2024 Dubai was undoubtedly the best.</p>
<p>Wrestling is a sport that embodies gentlemanly behavior, and with this event, I want to encourage young people while adhering to FIT India’s philosophy. The best way to highlight that age is no barrier is to compete against Muhammad Saeed, an accomplished athlete in his own right. “I look forward to a great fight to complete my anticipated comeback facilitated by World Professional Wrestling Hub,” Sangram said.</p>
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