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Captain Smriti Shriniwas Mandhana of Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Top 20 Motivational Sayings

<p>The Delhi Capitals were recently defeated by the Royal Challengers Bangalore, who took home the first T20 Trophy. The Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper, Smriti Shriniwas Mandhana, is motivated by her passion for cricket and her desire to improve and succeed in the sport. Smriti has established herself as one of the top cricket players in the world, and her powerful batting style and excellent stroke play are well known. Her intense love for the game drives her to strive for excellence, establish high standards for herself, and go beyond of her comfort zone both on and off the field.</p>
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<p>Every game, Smriti puts forth her best effort because she is inspired by her teammates, coaches, and supporters. She continues to be a strong leader for RCB and an example to aspiring cricket players, encouraging others to follow their dreams with the same fervor. This is due to her unwavering drive and commitment. Here are a few of her most powerful and inspiring sayings that we have gathered for you to read.</p>
<p>Strong and Inspiring Sayings by Smriti Shriniwas Mandhana</p>
<p>My family’s desire was for me to play for India, and they have always supported me, more than my.</p>
<p>It is not reckless to be fearless. Between fearlessness and carelessness, there is a narrow line. I believe that we must play without fear.</p>
<p>You learn much more from failure than from accomplishment.</p>
<p>My approach to hitting is to sight the ball and strike it. What bowlers perceive during batting is unknown to me.</p>
<p>I don’t watch a lot of Netflix or shop on Amazon because I think it is more important to spend time with my family.</p>
<p>The difference between local and international cricket is enormous. It is necessary to close that gap. We need to strengthen our internal circuit.</p>
<p>I was not extremely interested in fitness before to my accident, but I am now.</p>
<p>I work professionally. I devote my whole attention to the game while I’m on the field. I turn off when I’m not on the field.</p>
<p>I don’t want to seem glitzy while I’m wearing my India jersey.</p>
<p>Everything says, “Smriti, you have to score,” every time I go onto the pitch. And I like having that duty.</p>
<p>A cricket player just cannot stand still and do nothing.</p>
<p>When I was fifteen or sixteen and made a century for Maharashtra, I decided to make cricket my profession.</p>
<p>We must acknowledge that men’s cricket is the source of our income.</p>
<p>When the team is doing well, individual accomplishments are meaningless.</p>
<p>I learned from the past two World Cups that it is ineffective to put a lot of pressure on oneself.</p>
<p>I love movies a lot. I thus make careful to watch no more than two or three movies every week—I don’t want to develop an addiction.</p>
<p>My favorite individuals to go on long rides with are my brother and dad. Sangli roads are ideal for lengthy trips since they are quite deserted.</p>
<p>Similar to how I detested being compared to my brother and vice versa, I detest comparisons.</p>
<p>Your greatest self is always evolving. I can’t claim to be at my best if I only get a 60. It would only be my best if I could chase any total and win matches for India.</p>
<p>I love movies a lot. I thus make careful to watch no more than two or three movies every week—I don’t want to develop an addiction.</p>

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